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We are so glad you’ve arrived. Am My Own Expert is a place where we can find links where we can learn about tools, pages and our rights as Youth. We hope you enjoy the site and all of the unique content We can use in our lives to keep safe, know where to find help and get in contact with others. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover some tools, links or others to learn from and share. 

Creating a safe environment where we can thrive and implement initiatives that support youth helps us to have better and more prosperous individuals. 

Be An Expert

In this section, we can find areas that interest us, Blogs, Information, links and even other peers and counselors to talk to

Motivation and Land Acknowledgement

Thank you for choosing Am My Own Expert to get to know more about Youth Services

Request to Publish a Blog

This is for teachers, Counselors and Youth who would like to share experiences, ideas and finds. 

Thank you we will be in contact


My name is Laura Daniela Leon

I am a women's and children's counsellor advocate. 

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