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Thank you for being here and part of a Dream that keeps growing day by day. I hope this to be an introduction to many good things to come and to be able to help Those who needed and keep learning from everyone.

Philosophy Of Practice

 My Philosophy in counselling practice comes from my own life experiences and the privilege of travelling and experiencing other people's worlds and feelings. It is always tuff to hear some of the stories; sometimes feel impotent not being able to help, but this is where my interest in my career took place when I understood that I was not alone and that lots of people needed help as much as I need it at one point myself.

Helping people has always interested me since I grew up in a tight community with many family members. I believe my Love, compassion, understanding, and patience for people come from my grandmother and aunts, who were and are teachers; they founded a school for the kids in one of the most vulnerable sectors in Bogota, Colombia, my birthplace, and they did this while suffering from diabetes, poverty, and patriarchal oppression also giving free education to the kids whom their families could not pay the governmental fee.

Having this in mind, my purpose is to help my community, wherever I am, give the best of me without expectations in a world where a reciprocal exchange is the focus of our society. 

I hope that in my practice, I can help people fulfill their goals while also doing what I love the most, giving back to our society by implementing kindness into my practice. 

I define Advocacy and counselling as a way to aid individuals, groups of people, and communities, ensuring their voices are heard, to be actors in social change multiculturally with social justice creating awareness while empowering all of those who have been stripped of their peace by violent acts. 

I believe in achievement to be the best meaning to approach a situation by setting up goals that little by little help us get out of our set of minds or environments that are affecting our lives; "Goals are important for everyone, whether they are in therapy or not. Goals Help you navigate through life whether they are personal goals, professional goals, a goal to replace a habit or simply a goal for achieving success." (Leslie, R. 2019). Allowing the individual to accomplish personal and professional milestones that sometimes seem like too much because of the state of mind, body, and spirit; This is why in my practice, I believe it is essential to have safe and comfortable spaces where we can feel at peace. Sensory tools seem to be a great way to help people with grounding after a session or in their own homes such as Essences, singing bowls, pillows, and other therapeutical and relaxing tools to achieve a more peaceful self in combination with mindfulness exercises that will help with depression, trauma, anxiety, anger, and grief. 

"Grounding with the use of your five senses can be helpful if you have a tendency to get caught up in anxious thoughts about the future or if you tend to get caught up in the past due to trauma or depression." (Melissa W. 2021). 

With this approach, we can reach those Goals that seem lost at moments. With a clear mind and more peaceful thoughts, we can make better decisions and empower ourselves, our communities, and even significant parts of society. 

As a counsellor and Advocate, I believe it is imperative to have accountability for our actions in a society where there is a significant lack of this one with compassion and understanding of the tremendous impact we all have on each other's lives. As Counsellor and Advocate, I hope to give individuals the tools to succeed in life to feel cared for and as an essential part of society as we all are.
In this practice, I hope to grow day by day, interacting more with people advocating for what is right and fighting for vulnerable communities social justice for Indigenous People, and BIPOC communities' rights; while also understanding more ways and tools to help all of those Women, Kids, Youth, Adults and people with disabilities overcome poverty, Assault, Discrimination, Violence, poor living conditions and hunger empowering them to exceed in their Goals, Ideas, Businesses, and Projects.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Stay in contact.


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