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I Think you:

This activity is uplifting and helps the participants to interact and feel closer to each other.

I think you, is an activity where the participants are going to give a compliment to the person sitting to their right and to their left.

to play this game the participants will say : I think you are _______ I think you look______ ex: I think your shirt is amazing, I think you look radiant today, I think you are the smartest person i know, I think blue looks great on you, etc. to the person to their right and to their left going clockwise until everyone has had a complement or two.

The goal of the game is to help the participants feel a stronger sense of belonging, receiving compliments from peers can help the individual to feel special, building their self-esteem and confidence. This can be meaningful to kids who are having a hard time and can create a connection with peers.

A message we all need:

This activity helps the participants send a message to the world that surrounds them.

A message we all need, is an activity where the participants will be writing a word, a poem, an encouragement or uplifting note on a piece of paper.

These notes will be put together for everyone to get one of the notes back until everyone participating has a new note and can read it out loud or keep it to themselves.

The goal of the game is to help the participants feel positive about reaching out, feel good about themselves and help them interact. Hearing how other people think inside helps them feel strong and a better sense of community. This can also help the individuals who are having a harder time or that have trouble fitting in.

By: Laura Daniela Leon / Assaulted Womans and Children's Counselor / Advocate

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